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Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun retaliates to Ethereum [ETH]’s Vitalik Buterin

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On 12th September, Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, retaliated to Vitalik Buterin’s statement regarding the growth of cryptocurrencies on Twitter.

The whole controversy started with Vitalik Buterin’s interview with Bloomberg at the Ethereum Industry Summit. During the interview, the Co-Founder of Ethereum said that the average educated person has probably heard of Blockchain Technology at least once so far.

Vitalik continued to say that the there is no opportunity for another 1000-times growth in anything in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space anymore. According to him, the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for the past five to six years was because of the marketing.

However, the marketing strategy is closing towards a dead end, said Vitalik. The statement spread like wildfire in the cryptocurrency community.

This was followed by Vitalik speaking about the statement he made and justifying the same on his Twitter handle. Vitalik said that he never said that there is absolutely no growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He believes that there is no room for 1000x growth in the price increase of cryptocurrencies.

The 1000x growth according to Vitalik means an increase in the price of cryptocurrencies to almost $200 trillion which is approximate to 70% of today’s global wealth put in cryptocurrency. Vitalik further clarifies that the growth of digital currency should come from its actual usage and not by marketing the majority of the population that has heard of it.

Vitalik further said:

“Me: obviously, let’s be realistic, the entire world wealth is not going to turn into cryptocurrencies… Media: VITALIK IS A PESSIMIST!!!!!1!!1! Guys, if you spin things this way you’re *incentivizing* people to act more like @justinsuntron”

The Founder of Tron Foundation opposed Vitalik’s statement saying that cryptocurrency will witness a massive growth in the future.

“I do believe the entire world wealth will turn into cryptocurrencies like blackhole and grow much bigger in the future. Cryptocurrency will hit 10 trillion USD market cap before @Apple and @amazon do. We will see. Time will tell. #TRON #TRX $TRX”

Moreover, the Justin Sun claims that the Tron Virtual Machine will surpass the Ethereum Virtual Machine. He further added that Tron’s network is better than the Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to decentralization. The network has already paced up to Ethereum’s and is seeing a rapid growth in comparison.

Tron_of_Empathy, a TRX enthusiast said:

“you can argue as many as you like! just do not forget that it’s in your hands … it depends on what you do! What is your goal …. I hope everyone heard Justin’s goal?

TronPot, a Twitterati said:

“You are the real deal @justinsuntron ! Tron will be big soon! lets focus on adoption, the community to play in the Tron ecosystem!”

Recently, Vitalik Buterin said that the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain sucks and that it will go to zero if there will be no changes implemented to the protocol.

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